How Many days does it take for MONZABAGS to ship after having receive the order?

It will take about 3 business days from the date of purchase order.

What payment methods to do you accept online?

We accept VISA, MASTER and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit and debit cards as well as net banking transfers.

Is it safe to use my card on your website?

Our online process is private and secure. The actual payment happens on a secure payment gateway page that is encrypted, protected and processed over a secure server.

How do I track my record?

We will keep you updated on the status of your order, you will receive your shipment details & tracking number by email. Please contact us through the contact us form.

How can I modify or change my order?

You can modify or change your order within 12 hrs by e-mailing us at or whatsapp us . As we aim to maintain quick turnaround times on our order processing, dispatch and deliveries, we will be able to support your request only if this is received within the stipulated time frame.

Are you able to gift-wrap purchases?

Yes, we are able to gift wrap your purchase with elegant Monza Bags wrapping paper. We understand that the products are popular gift ideas. For all gifts we will not include the bill within the package but will email you the bill for future reference.

What is your policy on returns and repairs for online purchase?

Please refer to our Delivery and Returns page.

Do you share my information with others?

No, your personal details’ that are collected through our website are kept private and secure and will not be passed to any third party outside the MONZABAGS group of companies. The details will only be used to keep you informed regarding updates and promotion of MONZABAGS